Re: focus-out-event and GtkEntry

My focus out signal handler DID return FALSE; the problem is that it popped up a dialog box---which steals the focus--before the focus-out-event gets to return the FALSE, and while the dialog box is open and alive and waiting for the user to hit OK, I got the error....

but i found the solution: i simply used g_signal_connect_after() for the focus-out-event, and so the default handler was already run when i opened the dialog box, and all is well!


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On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 02:49:12PM -0400, Zvi Sebrow wrote:
I need to check data a user inputs on one of numerous GtkEntry's on window, and I need to handle the situation when the entry loses focus (by TABing out of the field, or by mouse control. When I encouter bad input, I bring up a
dialog box.  The problem is I get an GtkWarning and GtkError:

Check the "focus-out-event" signal handler prototype

*including the return value*, you must return FALSE if you
want the default handler to run.


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