Menu_item on menu_bar

Hi All,

An irritating problem that I can't find any help for.  When I put a
gtk_menu_item onto a menu_bar rather than a sub_menu it all seems to
work but I need to click the resulting button twice to get the action.
If someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong I would be grateful.



menu_bar = gtk_menu_bar_new ();
gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX(vbox),menu_bar,FALSE,FALSE,0);
gtk_widget_show (menu_bar);

display_time_item = gtk_menu_item_new_with_label ("Station Status");
gtk_menu_shell_append (GTK_MENU_SHELL(menu_bar),display_time_item);
gtk_widget_show (display_time_item);

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