Re: trying to launch a dialog from outside the main gui thread by emiting a signal to the thread.

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 12:45 -0500, Kevin Lambert wrote:

I am currently working on a multithreaded application which has a primary
GUI that is always running and I need to be able to get that GUI to show a
popup to put images in.  The problem I am having is how do I tell the GUI to
show the popup from outside of its own code?  

As a test I connected the "keys-changed" signal for the GUI's window so that
if that signal gets emitted it launches my dialog.  I then added an external
function which emits that signal which, when called, crashes the application

Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x995)!
Xlib: sequence lost (0x108c7 > 0xfd) in reply type 0x8!
Xlib: sequence lost (0x10000 > 0xfd) in reply type 0x0!

I do know that only the primary GUI thread is allowed to handle X calls
which is why I had the signal handler launching my dialog.  I have tried
googling for information but Im not finding much.




There several ways to communication between threads, and there are some
design options available which depending on what your doing may not
require you to create a formal thread.   First communications between

    This glib allows api allows you to allocate a structure or pointer,
fill it with the logical message, and post it asynchronously to the
foreground GUI thread for formatting into a displayed message.  This
approch assumes async messages are ok.  If its not1. , create a second
queue, and after posting to display_que have the background thread read
from the done_que - it will sleep until the foreground displays the
message and post the original (or any) pointer to the Done_que.  
    How does the foreground pickup the message.  Start a g_timeout_add()
function to peak at the queue every x seconds, then read  que if peak
counts is more than 0.  Be sure to return true to keep the
g_timeout_add() routine running, otherwise false will make it stop.

Alternates to formal threads.

Hopefully you have the application devhelp and can look up these api's.


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