Re: g_spawn_async_with_pipes and WIN32

Alan M. Evans writes:
The process being called simply prints a short message and returns. I
see the message if I execute the program from a command prompt under
Windows. The linux version works, In the Windows version, _read() always
returns -1, errno=EBADF.

Does your code use the same C runtime library as GLib does,
msvcrt.dll, which is part of the operating system? If not, the file
handles returned have no meaning in your code. File handles are
basically indexes into a table in the C library. Microsoft in their
infinite wisdom provides so many C runtimes libraries, and their newer
tools for some reason don't allow building code against msvcrt.dll...

If you want to use msvcrt.dll, you should either use the older, but
for plain C still perfectly usable, Visual C 6.0. Or use gcc,
i.e. mingw.


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