Re: Finding API documentation by function name


Raja Mukherji schrieb:
Hi all,

I'm writing a binding generator for my language to Gtk and want the
generator to be able to insert documentation into the generated code
automatically. Is there any existing program/script for getting the
documentation associated with a specific api function? For example:

<program> gtk_about_dialog_new

could print out the lines (as copied from devhelp):

Creates a new GtkAboutDialog.

Returns :
      a newly created GtkAboutDialog

Or it could (preferably) print them out in XML, or some other structured format.

I could probably fashion something myself, possibly from the files
that devhelp generates, but I was wondering if anyone has already done
so, or knows of any existing solution.

Gtk-doc uses docbook-xml, so you could use xslt to cut out chunks. Unfortunately
most stuff should not be copied to bindings docs as arguments can change and
c-specific things are not needed there.


Raja Mukherji
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