Re: tree view column sizing problem

Allin Cottrell wrote:
I have a tree view with 3 columns, which sits within a scrolled 

The middle column contains what can be quite a lengthy string. 
When the user opens the window in question, I'd like her to be 
visually aware that the third column is there: the problem is that 
with the columns autosized, the length of the middle string can 
push the third column out of the visible zone (you have to scroll 
horizontally to reach it).

I presume you can't just swap the second and third columns?

The ideal solution, I think, would be (a) set the starting width 
of the middle column to some reasonable maximum (when the window 
is first opened), but then (b) allow the user to expand it to read 
the full string if need be.

If the user can be satisfied with seeing one complete string at a time,
another option is to add a full-width label widget at the bottom of the
window showing the content of the second column of the currently
selected row. That avoids the need for the user to resize anything.

Or add tooltips to the column.

Cheers, Dave

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