Re: Re: Internationalization of GTK Apps (change language)

Hi Andy,

|The language change worked. It is as follows
|// Define the Macros
|#define GETTEXT_PACKAGE "gtk20"
|#define LOCALEDIR "/usr/local/share/locale/"
|In main I had set the following:
|  bindtextdomain (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, LOCALEDIR);
|  bind_textdomain_codeset(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, "UTF-8");
|  textdomain(GETTEXT_PACKAGE);
|Where ever language change was required, I defined the text as follows:
|gtk_label_new(_("_OK"); etc
|and finally before running the application I had set the environmental
|variable LC_ALL to "zh_TW.Big5".
|After this setting, run the application and find the language change.

But I have query again:
How to change the language on the fly.

I tried using g_setenv ("LC_ALL", "en_US.UTF-8", TRUE);

But the change doesn't happen on the fly. ;-((
Any suggestions?????

Madhusudan E

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