How to update a treeview with values from a closed dialog?

Hi all!

RADiola is going on, as far as I have time to develop it :) It has been a great learning exercise, and I am happy that I could update my C knowledge (which was full of dust) and learn a lot about GTK without having to bug the list all the time! However, some times I really need some tips... and here is one more question.

In many dialog windows, I have treeviews showing some data, and buttons alongside it for, as an example, adding an item. Clicking on the button pops a dialog, where the item is created, renamed, etc. But... When I click OK in this dialog, I wish that the treeview would be automatically updated to show the data which was edited in the dialog.

Naively, my first attempt was to call a function for updating the treeview right after the call to open the dialog. Surely didn´t work, as the "button OK callback" for the dialog is ANOTHER function -- and, as this dialog serves to other purposes, it can not directly alter the treeview. Also, the interface functions and callbacks for each of the windows (the one with the treeview, and the one with the dialog) are in different source files, and I would not like to set the forms global.

        So, dudes, what is the technique, please?

Thank you all in advance and best regards!

Fabricio Rocha
Brasilia, Brazil

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