Re: Deactivate tabs in GtkNotebook

Ken Siersma wrote:

Hi list,

I'd like to create a notebook that has 5 different pages in it, but the
data to be displayed in the later pages depend on the first page.  I
want the tabs for all pages to be shown in the notebook, to indicate to
the user that they need to step through the last 4 too, but I don't want
them to be able to select those tabs until they complete the form in the
first page.
So, I figured I could create all 5 pages and just deactivate the last 4
somehow.  The way I am trying to do it is to set the sensitivity of the
last 4 tab label widgets to FALSE, which gives the appearance that those
tabs cannot be selected.  Then, I've setup a switch-page function for
this notebook which checks if the tab is not sensitive, and if so it
sets the current page in the notebook to 0:

I'm not so sure that making the label insensitive will do anything,
since the label is generally a GTK_NO_WINDOW widget that doesnt
recieve events... and the notebook itself probably uses the same
GdkWindow for all tabs (so it wouldnt make sense to set them all

you could:
   o Disable the tabs and implement the tab navigation in another way
      (radio buttons ?)
   o Set the entire page insensitive when its prerequisites are not met.


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