Re: About gtk text view

Jose Hevia wrote:

I'm making a program that displays a text view, and  I cant find the
right keywords to find the solution on the archives:

I need to know when the gtk_text_view "window" changes size(the user
force that with the mouse), so I can redraw the screen. But seems the
configure_event is deactivated for child windows(those that are not
the main one), so I use the expose event that is far from perfect.

gtk_text_view is very SLOW, I know why, I'm receiving expose event for
each line I write in the text buffer. I know by default all widgets
are double buffered, so I need to disconnect screen updating while
writing, when I have finished use something like gtk_widget_show.
The problem, I don't know how: :-)

In my application, I connected a signal to a GtkTextView's size-allocate
signal and I get events when it is resized.

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