Re: gtk installation help needed!!

did configure fail ?

and is there an rmp for that ?  i am not a redhat person but thought there
was yum to install that.


On Mon, 10 Jul 2006, justforfun wrote:

My redhat enterprise 4 had gtk installed, works fine for me.

However, I have a Fedora new machine now, which does not have gtk for
developer installed.

I downloaded  gtk+-2.9.4.tar.gz and also gtk+-2.8.19.tar.gz

I tried "./configure" and it works fine.
However, I could not do a "make"

It conplains "No targets specified and no makefile found..."

I checked the directory, there are "" "", but, there
is no "Makefile" nor "makefile" in 2.9.4 nor 2.8.19

I must missed something real simple or obvious. Please help!!!
There must be a simple way to install...

Thanks in advance!!!!
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