Re: How to get and change the RadioButton's display texts

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 19:22 +0800, chao yeaj wrote:
thank you
but i want to get the "label" widget of the radio button
and then,chang the label text's color and font

A radio button is a GtkContainer so it can be packed there anything, and
not just a label.

But if you know there's a label into the radio button, something like
that may work:

get_label_from_radio_button (GtkRadioButton* button)
  GList *children, *item;
  GtkWidget *label;

  children = gtk_container_get_children (GTK_CONTAINER(button));
  item = g_list_first (children);

  while( item ){
    if( GTK_IS_LABEL(item->data) ) return GTK_LABEL(item->data);
    item = item->next;
  return NULL;

Iago Rubio

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