gtk strange behavior

I am learning GTK-2+ programming in Linux, and I have developed a sample application which almost works correctly.

I built a main window containing a scrolling window containing a text view window.
The main window also has a menu bar.

issue # 1
The menu bar has both single menu-items and items that hold sub-menus. The sub-menus work normally. The single menu-items need two mouse clicks to activate: the 1st click highlights the menu, the 2nd click activates the menu.

issue # 2
I am writing to the scrolling text window from a 2nd thread which was created by the initial thread that created the window. This basically works, but the window is not updated visually until some other action affects the window, such as a mouse rollover, change in focus, etc. The window will sometimes sit there and do nothing until an unrelated window in another application is jogged (e.g. by clicking on its title bar), then the "hung" window will spring into action and update itself correctly with all the text that had been written much earlier.

A search of the online docs turned up nothing relevant AFAIK.

I just now subscribed to this mailing list.

My GTK version seems to be 2.6.10. My system is Fedora Core 4.

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