argv at gtk_init (&argc, &argv)


wxWidget wraps gtk on linux/unix port. I used its wxMemoryDC to draw
bitmaps onto memory buffer on a c++ cgi application, where wxFont, wxPen,
wxBrush, etc, all need underneath gtk libs to be initialized. I just started with gtk_init (NULL, NULL) but I 
would like to utilize argv
like --gtk-module, --display, etc to specifying display deivce. 

gtk_init (&argc, &argv) looks for the following argv options:


could you give me the references/samples on how to use argv features.

after one instance of the cgi application run and called gtk_init (&argc, &argv), what happends when the 
second instance of the cgi application start to run and call it  again ?
do the two cgi instances have separate gtk libs workspace or they share gtk libs workspace ?

after calling gtk_init (&argc, &argv), do I need to do something on gtk before application exits ?

thanks in advances


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