gtk_init (&argc, &argv) with xvfb on cgi app


I am using wxWidget (wrapper for gtk2+ ) for drawing a bitmap
on cgi application, the bitmap is created and drawn on memory 
buffer by wxMemomryDC and the drawing doesn't need display or input 
device,  but unfortunately, wxMemomryDC's supper class, wxDC, is 
tied to display device and I have to call gtk_init (&argc, &argv) 
for wxWidget to work.

Since the cgi host does not have X-Win, I will use xvfb for
gtk_init (&argc, &argv), would you please give me hints/reference
on how to initializie gtk with xvfb ? or any alternative without using
xvfb in gtk initialization without display/input device.

thanks in advance


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