Re: Tiled Image with GdkFill?

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

There may be other ways to do this that I'm not aware of;

afaik the theme engine does not support this (all images
are scaled to fit the widget backgrounds afaik; using
engine "pixbuf" that is).

One thing I do know you can do is:

Which is originally an X semantic I believe; but as a part of GDK,
must be portable anyway.

Thanks, Tristan. I'm working in PHP-Gtk2, so I don't have access to everything that are available in C. I did, eventually, come up with a solution that seems to work by building an array of tiles (copies of the image) and using GtkLayout::put(). It just occurred to me that if I add more tiles during runtime, I may have to refresh everything in the foreground by hand, but I'm guessing that won't be too big a deal.

Again, Tristan, thanks for your input. You helped me get looking in the right direction.

-Ron T.

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