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I finally figured it out. PIPES do not work well with formatted i/o. The only way to reliably do IPC is with read/write and variants (g_io_channel_read_chars (), g_io_channel_write_chars ()). I guess this may be common knowledge, but I discovered the long hard way.

Thanks everybody,

Gus Koppel wrote:
Ed Kutrzyba wrote:

I am developing an application that controls a "Data  Collection
System".  I used glade and anjuta for my GUI and C backend control coding.
 My program works great, but I need to add some extra backround tasks:

1) I need to run a script (perl or bash) on demand without interfering
with my program.  i.e. the script runs in the background so GTK is still
2) I need to spawn a task to perform some background operations.  i.e.
get time from an add in board, arm and disarm an interrupt routine that
time tags an external signal -- need to start and stop this on demand.

What is the best way to do this?

In general, see:

I have some code from the vendor to control the add in board, I just
need to massage it to fit into my app, my way.

See also:
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