Re: tooltips

Paul Pogonyshev wrote:

But I have many areas, the widget is much like two-dimensional grid.
There can easily be like 100 areas.  Think of GtkTreeView with many

Besides, it seems that GtkTooltips works only with widgets.  So, I'd
have to wrap each `area' in a separate widget which is cumbersome.
The widget is scrollable and on overall, there can be thousands of
those areas.  This means that either the overhead would be really bad
or I'd have to write some evil code to create widgets for only those
areas that are visible in the viewport, gah...
Its not that bad, I'm sure many applications have the same need;
just install a handler for "motion-notify-event" (make sure that
your widget has been realized with the correct event mask)
and call gtk_tooltips_set_tip() whenever the tooltip should change.


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