Re: Resize Event

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 02:51:02PM +0100, Philippe CHAUVAT wrote:
I wrote a program (Win32, VC++, Gtk2.8.10rc1, GLADE) which is describe 
like the following tree:
- Window
  - Vbox
    - ScrolledWindow
      - Viewport
        - DrawingArea with GL support (gtk_widget_set_gl_capability 
func) => named D.A.
  - button
  - and other things

I need to setup some basic function like zoom, pan and so on.
For this, I need to detect the "resize" event of the window. When the 
window grow up, just because the D.A. must grow up too, 
"size_request_event" is launched and everything is fine.

*But* when window is down resized, no event seems to be launch. Does 
anyone know which event with wich Widget to manage this ?

IIUC you are looking for "size-allocate"; "size-request" is
emitted when widget is asked for preferred size, but
"size-allocate" when it's told the actual allocation.


That's enough.

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