Re: can't catch mouse movement using gtk and gtkgl

On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 23:17 -0400, Dov B. Kruger wrote:
I have previously written about my application, in which despite 
requesting all events, I am not seeing mouse wheel or mouse motion 
events. In desperation, I have stripped all my code out, and have a 
bare framework that uses the gtkglarea widget, leaving it blank. If 
some kind GTK+ expert would take the time to install the gtkgl package 
(which I enclose along with my stripped down main) you should be able 
to see that mouse motions  are only caught when entering or leaving the 
window, and most of the time, the mouse moving does nothing.

The code is in the following directory, along with the latest gtkglarea 
(version 1.99)

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong in gtkglarea?
I apologize for my simple Makefile, I have not learned automake yet, 
and my code is built with all the libraries in /opt, but it's just one 

Have you tried building the examples programs in gtkglarea's source
code?  I just did and there's a program called viewlw that displays a
shape that you can rotate by dragging the mouse around.  They capture
the mouse motion events using a normal events mask on the gtkglarea
widget itself and the "motion_notify_event."  It seems to work well.
Maybe you can compare your code to this and see what you are doing
differently.  I looked at examples/viewlw.c.


thanks for any help you can give!
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