RE: List of static libraries for glade application

Albert Veli writes:
Don't know if this helps, but on windows libglade + GTK works if you
drop these .dll files somewhere in the $PATH.

You certainly need to "drop in" other things also. Just copying the
DLLs around is not a good idea. Pango won't work without finding its
pango.modules file in a specific place relative to the pango DLL, and
then at least the pango-basic-win32.dll module in its specific place
(as specified in the pango.modules file, either as an exact path on
the machine in question, or as a configure-time path where the actual
installation prefix is replaced in automatically). 

And don't forget the message catalogs. One of the main selling points
of GTK+ is what is has been translated into so many languages, so it's
a bit sad if people then just ignore those efforts in an attempt to
save size, numer of files, or whatever.

By the way, does anybody know how to compile a static binary on
windows (MinGW) with the libraries above in it?

I only know that I certainly am not going to spend any time on
bothering with static archives for GTK+ etc.


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