Re: GtkTreeStore and GtkTreeIter

On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 00:06 +1300, Dennis Morgan wrote:
I have a function which adds 2 or more rows but the second and subsequent rows must be a child of the 
one before..
all the nodes are based on the path to a file..

ie /home /  someuser    / whateva 
    ^             ^                     ^
   parent    child parent      child      

so it looks like:

gtk_tree_store_append   (GtkTreeStore *tree_store,
                         GtkTreeIter *iter,
                         GtkTreeIter *parent);

Thanks it did the trick now if only i could find a simple way to break the path up.. oh well one step at a 

thanks for the help...

dirs = g_strsplit(path, "/", -1);
Iago Rubio

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