Re: redirecting output to a file with g_spawn_async

Olivier Sessink wrote:
Colossus wrote:


I tried with g_spawn_async_with_pipes and with gspawn_async
but it does not work. In the first case the output (the decompressed
bzip2 file) is redirected to a GTK window so I used g_spawn_async (no
pipes) but the output is directed to the shell window from which I ran
my program. How can I have the output redirected to the file /mnt/foo ?

open a file in write mode, and while reading from the pipe from
_spawn_async, write data to that file.

I did it but the file written is not the same as the original !
I opened with fwrite with "w" since wb does not care on Unix.
I read the data from the pipe in a gchar *line with and write it to the file with fwrite ( line , 1 , strlen ( line ), fd ) but the dimension of the written file are not the same of the one extracted
with bzip2 -d file.bz2 and it corrupteded. Where am I wrong ?

Really thanks for your help,

Cpsed, a Linux OpenGL 3D scene editor

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