Re: GtkTreeView SIGNALS

I was using this for selecting, but I need to use the same selected
value in more than one functions and was getting a segmentation fault
cause of that... (I don't know why...). Now I'm using the
'changed-cursor' signal and some functions of GtkTreeSelection to get
the rows selected values, but I don't use the GtkTreeSelection
'changed' signal, like I was doing before...

But thanks,

On 5/4/05, Denis <denis lists gmail com> wrote:
André Pedralho wrote:

I'm trying to use the single click on a GtkTreeView. Is there a way
for me? The row-activated signal is activated with a double click...
I'm needind one that is launched with just one click!

Thanks in advance,

What about using GtkTreeSelection ?
For input on how to use it, look at the gtk tree view tutorial :


André Pedralho
Bachelor in Computer Science
Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia

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