Re: Background Image for GtkFixed

Thank you very much Greg, I solve my problem using gnomecanvas to
handle my graphics objects including a Fixed widget , but yes if you
can send me these codes I will be thankfull, I'm planning to set a
background to this fixed using "gtk resource control" and your code
might be useful to me :)

Thanks a lot and sorry again for my multiple messges :)


Rodrigo Vaz 

On 6/28/05, Greg Breland <gbreland weldae org> wrote:
Just catching up on my list reading so hopefully you already know the
answer to your question.  You can set a background image for a fixed
widget.  I can send you some rough code if you still need it.  Here is a
screen shot to prove it works. :)

Scroll down to the shot of a window with the MozillaNews logo.  That
window is packed with just a fixed layout widget and then the image is
set as the background.  Above that shot is a better example where I put
a grid of dots on the fixed widget to show the screen is in design mode.

On Fri, 2005-06-17 at 14:51, Rodrigo Vaz wrote:
Hi folks, good afternoon (for who is in the afternoon :)

I would like to know it does anyone know about set a background pixmap
for a Fixed container , i'm trying to set this background using
bg_pixmap for a specific name in the gtkrc that was set by

Using bg_pixmap for the whole windows it work fine but for a specific
widget i mean the Fixed widget doesn't .

The question is : Does anyone know if is possible to set a background
image for a fixed widget container ?

Thanks in advance.

Rodrigo Vaz
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