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Dnia 30-06-2005, czw o godzinie 13:18 +0000, lmarcilly aressi fr
Hi all,

i have to develop a portable application with GTK+2 and i just want to be sure it will work.
So my question is : is there any difference between GTK+2 for windows and GTK+2 for Linux?

See in documentation - if it isn't write it should be OK.

If i develop my application on a linux box, will it work on a windows box? And if i develop it on windows 
box, will it work on a linux box?

If it use only gtk/glib - yes.
With another libraries/functions may be a problems(*gnome*, mkdir(char
*, mode), WinAPI..).

Actually, i use Gtk+-2.6.4 on windows so i just have to install Gtk+-2.6.4 on linux??

No. Windows .exe and Linux ELF is two difference format.
You should just recompiled it.

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