Re: how can i access usb memory stick as a non-root

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 19:49:45 +0530
harshavardhanreddy mandeepala <hvreddy1110 gmail com> wrote:

i am using linux fedora core 3.
i want to access usb memorystick as a non-root user.
i can mount and umount as a root,but when i want to do it as a
"guest"(non-root) it is giving as a  "only root can do it"
 i have changed the ownership of  /dev directory  to "guest" but still
it is giving same error.
even i added these fallowing lines to my /etc/fstab

Don't do that! Though it doesn't work, the idea you are implementing is
that access would be granted to ALL devices, even harddisks, and other
critical resources. You would want to change permits to the usb device
alone, which is difficult because it changes every time you plug in.

Check the hotplug information - you can easily write a (very short)
script that is executed on pluging in the stick, and another one when
pulling it.

has a lot of info on hotpluging.


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