Re: GTK dialog ESC key problem

On Monday 27 June 2005 13:53, Colossus wrote:

It should actually act as if you clicked the Cancel button, ie. emit a
dialog response with GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL and return that as value in
gtk_dialog_run() if you are using gtk_dialog_run(). In other words: you
probably need to fix your code to check the response values correctly.

 (snip code)
  // it goes here, where is my mistake ??

Sorry, my mistake. Pressing the Escape key will emit the 'close' signal and 
will have the same effect as if the user hit the 'X' in the window frame, so 
you will get a GTK_RESPONSE_DELETE_EVENT. This will only work if there is a 
button with a GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL response though.

Hope I got it right this time ;)


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