Re: 5 gui's launched from 1.


hi!!! I got ur mail id from gtk-app-devel-list gnome
Please keep future posts on the Gtk-App-Devel lists.
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I have a doubt in GTK, could u please help me.
Sorry if ive disturbed u.
As I have time, I will.

1) I have created 5 buttons.When i click the first
button a test area should open to the right side of
the window describing its detials, then when i click
next button the previous details should exit and
button details should appear.

Your question is too broad. Read gtk-tutorials
from and please narrow down your question
to specific issues.
2) I have created 6 GUI's. I want to link all the
GUI's.From the main GUI, i want to go to other

Just assume you have a functions to return you
a widget pointer, taking the GUI ID you want.

GtkWidget * launch_gui(int gui_id)
      case 1:
          return  create_text_widget();
     case 2:
         return  create_tree_view();
    case 3:
        return create_gnome_widget();
   /* and so on... */
Connect each of your five buttons like this.

replace $(BUTTON_NUM} with the number 
for every diff button.

Now call this function from your main() function,
and add the widgets to your button callbacks
like this.

void ButtonCB(GtkButton *b,gpointer data)

/* Invoke corresponding GUI based on button no, 
     you set in g_signal_connect()  earlier */       


Again, I cannot much help you as your questions 
are very broad.


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