Re: get size of a GTKImage

davidgn servidor unam mx wrote:
I am writing some app where I need to move an image around inside a
        and I need to get it's size.
        I create the image from a file with gtk_image_set_from_file()
        Is there an easy way?  I managed to get it's dimensions by
getting it's
        but how can I be sure if it will always have an associated
        Reason is I want to center it initially and redimension it's
so that
        it fits.
        Any suggestion?

After it's been realised, you can get the size from
widget->allocation.width and widget->allocation.height.


I am using Python pygtk, and have done that but it returns always 1
I create the GtkImage, an event box and add the image to the event box, but
allocation.width and allocation.height are 1 in both the image and the event box.

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