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Sorry , if I did not understand properly your intentions. If so, I
suggest you take a look at:


On 6/21/05, srinivas <srinivas comodo com> wrote:
hi ;

i want to display int values in gtk_entry widget;

gchar data=(gchar *)malloc(sizeof(gchar)*MAX_SIZE);

   for (int_num =0; int_num < data; int_num++)
  sprintf (data, "%d", &int_num);

 gtk_entry_set_text (GTK_ENTRY (win_entry),(gchar *) int_num );

 gtk_widget_show (win_cmp);

win_cmp is widget name, and win_entry is entry name.
i am using this routine, so for each increment the val has to be
displayed in entry widget. but i can't able to display the value change
in the entry widget. what i have to do for that.



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