Re: Saving RGB or Grayscale images from GdkPixBuf


Well i dont think there is support for greyscale
images though RGB is definitely there.
Regarding saving the pixbuf. Just use
The type refers to "jpeg", "tiff" etc.
Its pretty fast and i dont think saving the pixbuf to
a file is time consuming.

--- Michal Porzuczek <mporzuczek gmail com> wrote:


I was wondering if gdk_pixbuf_save supports saving
RGB or Grayscale
images. I have attempted to use the add_if_writiable
function that is
specified in the api reference but I just get
gibberish so I don't
think I'm doing it right.

I have tried to save RGBs  by making the type
"RGB"but not knowing the
rest of the parameters I just set them to NULL and I
do have an "RGB"
file appearing where I tell it to save but
unfortunately no actual
data is being saved and I was wondering what these
parameters are and if it is possible to save it in

Furthermore, I was interested if there may be an
even faster way to
save images, speed is the primary objective with the
image saving.

Thanks a lot,

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