Re: spanned table cell expansion

Hmm.  Well, if you didn't care about resizing the window/table, then I
would suggest you use GTK_FILL for the xoptions.  If you use
GTK_EXPAND as an xoption for, say, the hscale, then the two columns
containing the hscale will expand uniformly.

Okay, that was me making sure I understand the question... :)

My cheap hack: add a new row, and

GtkWidget *magic;
magic = gtk_drawing_area_new();
gtk_drawing_area_size(GTK_DRAWING_AREA(magic), 0, 0);
gtk_table_attach(GTK_TABLE(table), magic,
    1, 2, 2, 3,
    0, 0);

Now when I resize the window, it is quite noticeable that only the
middle column (the one with the expanding magic) changes size.

Moral of the story: use GTK_EXPAND sparingly.


On 6/17/05, Karl H. Beckers <karl h beckers gmx net> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm having this effect where my table cells aren't expanding as I expect
them to. If somebody could shed some light here (perhaps provide a
workaround) that would be most welcome.

I have reduced this to the max. Let's say we have this table with 3
columns and 2 rows where in each row there is a widget spanning two
columns, like this:


 | +------------------+ | +--------------------+-------------------+ |

 | | checkbutton      | | | entry              |                   | |

 | +------------------+ | +--------------------+-------------------+ |

 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | +-----------------+ |

 | | hscale             |                    | | | checkbutton     | |

 | +--------------------+--------------------+ | +-----------------+ |


I've set both checkbuttons to not horizontally expand the surrounding
container and the entry and hscale to do so. This (so I expected) should
make the middle column take care of any extra space needed without the
outer columns ever changing width.

However, this is not at all what's happening. It looks like the space
added to e.g. the hscale is divided evenly between the spanned columns
(rather than implementing a more complex algo for finding out if a given
widget is perhaps the only expaning widget on a spanned column while
other spanned columns may have other expanding widgets, or smth. the
like), and thus also added to the first one.

Any ideas, pointers?



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