RE: radio button size

Yes, I can change the packing properties, but I need smaller buttons.
I've tried various combinations of the things you suggested but the actual
button, the round area which contains the dot to show whether it's
selected, doesn't change size.  What controls the size of the actual round
button?  Is that immutable?  I even tried using gtk_widget_modify_font
with various font sizes on the buttons in case the font controls the size,
but again, no change.

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Boncek, John wrote:
I'm creating a set of radio buttons using gtk_radio_button_new, etc.,
without labels attached to the buttons.  How do you control the size of
radio button?  (I need smaller buttons.)  I've tried
gtk_widget_set_size_request, but that seems to control the area in which
the button displays, with the button itself being truncated without
changing size.

     Usualy in a GTK+ interface you are working with a relative
size/coordinate system (because you want your application to be
resizable, run on many different desktops and still look relatively
the same everywhere), the size allocated to a button is decided
by the parenting widget using child properties ("packing properties").

setting the "width-request"/"height-request" widget properties
(i.e. using gtk_widget_set_size_request() ) will ensure that the
widget in question will never be smaller than "w/h".

packing properties vary across containers, see for example the
"expand", "fill" and "padding" child properties of the GtkBox


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