Re: using autoconf

Am Dienstag, den 14.06.2005, 21:31 +0530 schrieb Mohit Gogia:
i am new to autotools. i have made gnome applet which uses gtk,gtkhtml
and libpanelapplet2 libraries.i want to use autoconf and automake to
make a ditsribution package of this applet..can somebody give me
sample and files which will help me in this

Take an existing app (e.g. gnome-hello from and modify
its autotools related-files.

You could also abuse Glade2 to generate code, and use its
as a starting point ...

BTW: Is there a tool that automagically creates all the stuff needed for
a recent Gtk+ or Gnome app, including source tree,,
scrollkeeper-templates etc. etc.? It's a tedious task to do this


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