GtkCellRendererToggle not responding to clicks?

Hi all.  It would seem that the little toggle button in my GtkTreeView
doesn't respond to being clicked on, as in, it doesn't change state,
and no callback is called... back.

I have a tree store with three columns, the third of which is of type
G_TYPE_BOOLEAN.  The view is called "keyboards_view", and I seem to
have successfully associated it with the store; that is, the other
stuff -- all text -- shows up as expected.

I do
        GTK_TREE_VIEW(keyboards_view), -1, "Active",
        "active", ACTIVE_COLUMN,

ACTIVE_COLUMN is the third element of a user-defined enum.  It's the
value in an attribute-value pair, where the attribute is "active", as
copied from the GTK tree and list widget overview.  It also seemed to
make sense that the correct attribute name is "active", looking at the
list of properties supported by GtkCellRendererToggle.

So the essential thing is, GTK doesn't seem to respond at all to me
clicking on the toggle button.  Thoughts?


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