Re: postioning of window

gtk_window_set_position is for things like "center", "on mouse",
"center on parent", etc.  To pick coordinates for the upper left-hand
corner of the screen, use gtk_window_move.

All of these functions are, of course, documented under GtkWindow (see API Documentation for more).  However, I find the
explanation of window gravity rather opaque.  In particular, the
example setting SOUTH_EAST gravity for a window in the lower-right
corner confuses me to no end.  What exactly is the purpose of gravity?


On 6/9/05, Christopher Anderson <sidewinder asu gmail com> wrote:
I beleive you can just use gtk_window_set_position () on your main window.

Chris Anderson

On 6/9/05, Mohit Gogia <go4mohit gmail com> wrote:
is there any way that i can position gtk window at a particular
location on the at the bottom right corner?

Mohit Gogia
CSE Dept
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