trouble subclassing GtkScrolledWindow



There's really not much more to say inasmuch as my problem is precisely
what they describe. But nobody responded on the list to either of these

In short, I subclass GtkScrolledWindow and in my init function pack in a
GtkTextView. All pretty boilerplate at this point. When I create an
instance of this class, the following error appears three times:

(test_etcterminal:7321): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkrange.c: line 440
(gtk_range_get_adjustment): assertion `GTK_IS_RANGE (range)' failed

And everything seems to work, although I haven't tried much aside from
putting some text in the buffer to see if the scrollbars work (they do).
But having my application report "CRITICAL" errors is, well,

If someone really wants to try, the sources that demonstrate this are


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