Re: Glade C code a bad thing? (was: root windows)

Hello guys,
    I think Gus forgot to CC his email to the list, so i am forwarding  it here.

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From: Gus Koppel <gtk spamkiller bytechase cx>
Date: Jun 1, 2005 9:40 AM
Subject: Re: Glade C code a bad thing? (was: root windows)
To: Zeeshan Ali <zeenix gmail com>

Zeeshan Ali wrote:

   BTW, i think this seperation of glade into two utilities would
result in much greater freedom than now (quite contrary to the fear of
some people on this list) since it open's up a new possiblity: you'll
then be able to write your GUI in XML and getting it transformed into
the source-code without using any GUI utility. :)

The freedom of designing a GUI without using a GUI while doing so? What
else? Writing C programs without using a C compiler during development?

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