Re-2: Child windows with Gtk+-2.6.4

It seems to be what i need but i can't download it... When i clic in order to download the lib, i'm 
redirected on the following site :


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Subject: Re: Child windows with Gtk+-2.6.4 (05-juil.-2005 8:28)
From:    ensonic hora-obscura de
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lmarcilly aressi fr wrote:
Hi all,

i'm new in gtk and i have to develop an application with a lot of windows. 
I remember that with delphi, it is possible to open a window in the mother 
window. Is it possible with gtk+ ?

There is (or was) a project called LibGtkMdi that looked promissing. These 
site linking to it. Although the originbal site seems to be gone :(

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!



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