GTK signals and widget destruction/disposal/finalization

Hi All,

I had a few questions about both (i) GTK signal handling, and
(ii) the widget destruction/disposal/finalization process.

- When does GTK service the event queue? More specifically, what GTK
  could be interrupted in order to call callbacks for GTK signals?

- When a widget is destroyed, are children of the widget guaranteed
  to be destroyed before the parent? Finalized before the parent?
  I am assuming the answer to the latter is no, as there is no telling
  when reference holders will actually drop their references, right?

- When are GTK signal handlers disconnected from the object?
  When the object is destroyed? Disposed of? Finalized?

- Between the time a widget is destroyed, and the time that "dispose"
  is called, is it possible for other signals to be serviced? That is,
  is it best to explicitly disconnect signal handlers before destroying
  a widget, if you don't want signal handlers called in the interim
  before finalization?

Thanks in advance for any insight you might have -


 Brian Hanley, Software Developer
 FlexTrade Systems - Great Neck, NY 11021
 brian hanley flextrade com
 +1 (516) 627-8993 Ext. 238

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