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On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 23:11:29 +0200
Mateusz Misiorny <mateusz misiorny gmail com> wrote:


I just wanted to render some simple strings to a drawable (a pixmap)
and it seems it requires massive amount of work and code just to get a
few characters on the screen. I am talking about the "new" way of
rendering text - through pango. I have to create many structures and
fill many fields just to get a plain simple text rendered (which still
I didn't manage to do since I gave up after I spend way too much time
on that than I wanted). How do I do it with minimal work?

I do it this way and I think this is the minimal way to do it

PangoLayout *layout;
PangoContext *context;

void draw_init ()
  context = gdk_pango_context_get ();
  layout = pango_layout_new (context);
  pango_layout_set_alignment (layout, PANGO_ALIGN_LEFT);

void draw_text (GdkPixmap *pixmap, GdkGC *gc, const gchar *str, gint x,
                gint y)
  pango_layout_set_markup (layout, str, -1);
  gdk_draw_layout (pixmap, gc, x, y, layout);

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