Re: A springs and struts widget for GTK+


Russell Shaw wrote:
Greg Breland wrote:

On Tue, 2005-08-16 at 00:50, andrey wrote:


i have a question in accordance with your message.
Is there in GTK+ "Position Layout", like in most of gui-libraries?
For example i want to place label or button in position x=100, y=100, width=100 and height=25. (sorry for my english)

Yes, there is the GTKFixed layout container.  It's highly recommended
that you use containment based layout instead of absolute layout unless
you know what your getting into.  All sorts of layout problems will
happen with the GTKFixed layout when the user uses a different
font/DPI/etc than you do when designing a form.

What's wrong with the M$ windows way of layout?
Everything. Non resizable windows, windows that look odd when enlarging the font. If windows are resizable then the often add new space equally to every widget (which is non-sense). Apart IMHO its more work to re-calculate the positions, than just to stuff another button into a box and let the layouter do the math.


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