Re: Bayer Pattern images in Pixbuf or Pixmaps

Stefan Kost writes:
it would be helpful if you tell us what the heck a 'bayer pattern' is ...

See for instance .

That was the first Google hit when searching the words "bayer array"
(without the quotes).

I was wondering if Pixmaps or Pixbufs support Bayer Pattern 

Nope. That would be way too application domain specific for GTK+.

if there is a simple conversion technique to get a Bayer
Pattern image into an RGB or other image format that could be used
properly by a Pixbuf or Pixmap.

You mean a simple demosaicing (debayering) technique? Well, a trivial
one like "nearest neighbour" for the missing colour channels of each
pixel is probably "simple", but it isn't good qualitywise.

High-quality demosaicing algorithms are not simple. See for instance .

The Open Source dcraw program
( uses an algorithm called
"Interpolation using a Threshold-based variable number of gradients"
described in


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