RE: Window size and position

Am Samstag, den 23.04.2005, 11:05 -0400 schrieb Freddie Unpenstein:
I'm currently coding a small application. I want the main
window to remember its size and position every time it is

I believe that's the job of the window manager...
That's why you can set a couple different names for your window.

I believed this, too. But it isn't done by the window-manager.

What window manager are you using?  Mine saves window positions just fine.  Actually, it does it a little 
too well sometimes...  I have a very small GTK+ application I wrote that pops up a small window with one 
checkbox and its associated label (there's also a fairly long tooltip attached to it).  But basically the 
window that pops up is about four centimeters long, by about one and a half high, and always pops up 
exactly where I left it last.  And there's no code anywhere to set the location of the window.

I'm using Metacity the standard window manager on FreeBSD-Gnome-Systems.

In my applications I use this code:

If you're going to do that, make it optional, and only restore its position manually if the user has chosen 
to do so.  Some users may even have their window manager set to purposely choose a new location for each 
window every time, based on where the other windows on the screen are located.  There will be people who 
are happy to let their window manager decide where to place the window each time they start your program (I 
only let it decide for programs it hasn't seen).

Is there a GTK-function which tells me, whether the window manager saves
the window position? If so, I will change my code immediately.



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