Re: clarification on GtkAlignment

In the GNOME HIG they really suggest to use a label containg spaces for padding
(I don't like that as well).
That means you should put each button in a hbox(2) and put the padding label
into the first slot of the hbox and your button into the second one.


Mark Ivey wrote:
I don't understand something about alignments, hopefully someone can
help me out.  My window contains a 4-row vbox filled with alignments. 
Each alignment has the same settings:
      x align: 1.0
      y align: 0.0
      x scale: 0.5
      y scale: 1.0
Each alignment also contains a 1 button.  The buttons have different
labels, like this:

Now, I would expect all the buttons to take exactly half the window, but
they don't.  The buttons with shorter labels are slightly wider.  FWIW,
this happens with labels also, not just buttons

So what's the deal?  

My ultimate goal is to have a layout like this, where all the widgets
are lined up 1/3 of the way out from the left edge:

Section heading

Another section
     widget there a better way to do it?

-Mark Ivey-

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