Re: atk compiled using msvc6

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 17:19:12 -0300
"Daniel K. O." <danielosmari yahoo com br> wrote:

Hubert Sokolowski wrote:

I compiled atk and the dll file has only 45kB. does this mean that
atk dll which has 185kB has debug informations ?
this gives hope that gtk runtime environment for windows can take
hard disk space.

Let's see:

The etc folder:
17 KB (196,608 bytes used)

The lib folder:
3 MB (8,159,232 bytes used)

Even if you can reduce the DLL size, most of the size is wasted in
Now it would be interesting if GTK+ could use 'tar.gz'ided locale
files. :P
I reduced atk dll by 400%, even if we reduce gtk dll by 100% that
would be a big plus.

Hubert Sokolowski

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