Re: multiple compilations?

 --- Jared Kells <kared kared net> escreveu: 
I had the same problem.
I see you used the pkg-config with backticks. I had
a lot of problems
getting this to work in Dev-Cpp and was getting the
error you got
running the pkg-config gtk+-2.0 --cflags at the dos
prompt and copying
the output into the properties of my project seamed
to help as long as I
put each -I and -L on a new line.

If you don't mind, I'm interested in a more detailed
description, like what is the exact order of the
options (in the Project Settings window) when you get
the problem with `pkg-config ...`.
I want to know because I was never able to reproduce
this problem when using the way I described at
but I've seen half a dozen reprts of this same
problem; so I would like to update my page on how to
avoid it.

Daniel K. O.

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