RE: PangoFontDescription to PangoFont

I probably wouldn't do it this way if we were starting from scratch, but
we're converting an old non-GTK system that uses variously-sized fonts and
expected character widths in those fonts to size a lot of text areas, so I
need metric information.  pango_font_get_metrics requires a PangoFont
instead of a PangoFontDescription.  If there's a better way to do that,
please let me know.

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AFAIK all PangoFonts depend on a PangoContext, which includes infomation
about the rendering backend (different fonts need different backends like
Xft, Freetype, ...). So you will need a PangoContext anyway and can use
pango_context_load_font(), if you really need a font object.

Pango tries hard to find similar fonts for different backends, so just use

Do you really need to use a PangoFont?


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