Re: Gtk+ with C++ classes?

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 06:18:57AM -0700, Jamil wrote:
I did, but the dev. environment I am working in is cygwin, kind of a
UNIX for MSWindows. For that env. I'd need to either compile gtkmm or
find a cygwin package, but I have fail in both accounts. What the heck,
Any way, gracias Jose!
No fue mucha tu ayuda, pero la intencion es lo que cuenta.

Unless you want to use GTK+ for X11 applications (like for ssh logins
to a Windows box) you most certainly do not want cygwin targeted
binaries of GTK+ or related libraries.

Try this (note that I have not tried the gtkmm stuff, but it looks like
it has been maintained and Cedric's pygtk work was top notch):


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